Monthly OPEN Studio! January 11th 2014

January 11th 2014 at 344 E. 3rd Street in Long Beach
For the Monthly Open Studio.

ITS 2014! Lets see some ART!

The working art studio / gallery of Margie Darrow is a studio that offers a unique gallery presentation of artwork in various stages of completion by the artist. Visitors are privy to art and ideas in process as well as finished pieces.

Darrow has a unique ability to intersect the real with the abstract with pieces that showcase a phenomenal eye for color. Her wide range of work: paintings, woodwork, drawing, and installation makes for an inviting and interesting gallery walk that provides a creative, eclectic and educational environment in which to explore.

NEW THIS MONTH AND Never display is a selection of collaborative artwork by the now disbanded Fallopian Artopians. The Fallopian Artopians 2007-2009 were a Live Collaborative Female Painting Troupe (Yvonne Sanders, Justine Serebrin and Margie Darrow). All paintings are rendered by rotating the canvas between the three artist on timed 30 minute intervals. Ending the painting process when the paintings were complete or a 2 1/2 hour performance was complete.

Also exhibited are the detailed and delicate flora and fauna color pencil designs and Botanical paintings and animal themed pieces that are slowly transforming the studio into a menagerie with a turn of the century vintage flavor.Unique and affordable selection of original art and limited edition items for anytime gift giving.

In the window is Darrow’s vintage inspired front window installation “Vintage Circus,” Featuring lowbrow style of the “Tattoo Lady” and “Vintage Apothecary” Visitors can enjoy and amuse in the installation, or find interest in Darrow’s recreation of an 1800’s traveling apothecary case.
This event is in the Art Exchange building and in conjunction with the 2nd Saturday Artwalk near by!

This Event is sponsored in part by the:

Parking available behind 3rd and Elm lot for 5$
or free street parking. Meters end at 6pm