Polytechnic High School – Champions and Scholars – Utility Box

Public Art Utility Box located at the corner of
Martin Luther King Blvd and 17th. Long Beach, Ca.

This was such a great project to do!

There is A LOT of pride in that high school – It was really cool experience meeting so many folks that were so excited about the art being there 🙂 Although, I had to tell everybody that I went to Wilson. It was pretty funny.
Commission art work by the Neighborhood Service Bureau City of Long Beach.

Click here to see the full photo progression! 

Tony, Alex and Jules – A Family Portrait

Tony, Alex and Jules family portrait
32″H x 24″ W
Acrylic on Canvas

A nice surprise Christmas gift!
Commissioned portrait






Captain Victor Schisler

Acrylic on masonite
18”w x 24”
Retirement portrait presented to Captain Schisler by Jacobsen Pilot Services.

Corgi Portrait – Erin and Chloe

These Corgi’s are sisters. Can you tell by the portrait who is the dominate dog? Just like painting a portrait of people, I try to capture the “real deal” of  personality in subjects.
The front dog Chloe is a diva – beautiful and dominate, Erin is the sweet pea – smiling in the back.
Painting is 30″ x 24 – Acrylic on Canvas
Commission – Sold

See the time lapse video of creating this painting on my you tube channel!



Martin Luther King Jr. Signal Box

This signal box is located across the street from the Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Long Beach. Within the MLK park is the Community Peace Garden.
The images on the signal box depict Dr. King and the Garden.
Orange and 20th
Completed 2/2012

A time lapse video can also be viewed of this project: http://youtu.be/Na-28EMEbPA


Dancer 2

Acrylic on Illustration board
18”w x 24”h

Dancer 1

Acrylic on Illustration board
18”w x 24”h


Acrylic on Masonite
24”w x 18” h

The Two Kings

Acrylic on cupboard doors
14.5” x 14.5”
An iconic relationship – The Two Kings appears in “Books by authors” and Elvis will appears in the new edition of “Elvis in Art”.
Elvis is available

Lily and Candra

Watercolor on paper
20” w x 16”h



Acrylic on masonite panel
18”w x 24”H


Acrylic on masonite panel
18”w x 24” h

Lily at 15

Watercolor on paper
7”w x 9”h

Steve and MooMoo

18”w x 24”h
Acrylic on canvas


Acrylic on wood panel
18”w x 24”w

Fosmire pets

10” x 10”
Acrylic on illustration board

Miller portrait

Acrylic on canvas
Triptych – 6ft x 4ft