Book Illustrations

Angry Etta Book Illustrations

A Children’s Book
Illustrated by:
Margie Darrow
Written by:
DD Wood





Shut up Eddie Avalos – Book Illustrations

A Companion book to ANGRY ETTA
Written and Illustrated by Etta

So Effin’ Cute – Handmade Book

So Effin’ Cute series©
Hand Made Book – Mixed Medium
Masonite, fabric, acrylic paint
Interested in Licensing

Long Beach Marine Life Coloring Book

“Long Beach Marine Life Activities and Coloring Book”
Written and illustrated by Margie Darrow for California Coastal Clean up day!
Since 2003 Catch-22 Fisherieshas been the site captain at Rainbow Harbor
Pierpoint Landing in Long Beach for CALIFORNIA COASTAL CLEAN-UP DAY! 
For this annual event I created a coloring book to pass out to clean-up participants about our 
ocean marine life along our Long Beach Coast.

*(IDEA) – Interested in a creating an educational environmental hand-out book with original illustrations for your project or non-profit?

Peach and The Plum – Book Illustrations

The Peach and the Plum
Written and Illustrated by Margie Darrow
(My first children’s Book)