Art Meditation Coloring Books for Adults

Art Meditation Coloring Books for Adults Stress Relief
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About the books:
22 unique original drawings in each book!

This series of 3 meditation books were created
as a “project” rather than a product.
As a result they are spontaneous and reflective.

The drawings are set in the order they were created
and the imperfections are intentionally left in.
This builds the natural succession of the books with uncontrived sequencing.

There are benefits for even short periods of consistency – perhaps to aid in become more accountable, honest and aware. Creating the daily small drawings allowed me to ponder and explore thoughts with a quiet physical action. This combination in quietude seemed to generate and embody a new clarity. Coloring seems to have the same quality.

The books are something pleasant to utilize as you see fit.
*Color in or out of the lines.
*Develop new habits.
*Embellish the drawings with more drawings. (Plenty of space left for artistic freedoms).
*Enjoy and relax.
*The small size is designed for easy take along.
*Side coils make for a simple flat surface.

I encourage your creativity or simplicity!
The drawings are just a foundation to begin…Something.

Books are $12 ea. + 3.99 Shipping
Book#1 Art Meditation Coloring Book
Book#2 Art Meditation Coloring Book
Book#3 Art Meditation Coloring Book
Set of 3 for $30.00 +4.99 Shipping