Acrylic on Birch wood cut out – 48″ x 36″

This is the first new “abstract” large wood cut I have done in quite a while. Oh did it feel good to back to making this kind of work.
Long Beach Sunset – is about the connective properties of life and love and appreciating what is around us. Everyday.
From my studio in downtown Long Beach, I see beautiful skies over an urban setting.
Looking at nature somehow connects me to the people and world around me.

It looks like this piece has already sold

Greek Palm Wall Headboard – Queen size

Greek Palm Yellow Headboard Queensize
Acrylic paint on birch wood

Looking for something unique? These are custom designed wood cuts hang right on the wall above the bed creating a headboard and art at the same time.

Can be sized for a queen, twin and king.
Let your imagination fly! What could you envision hanging above your bed?
Happy to work with you creating sweet-dream-zzzzzzz

Humboldt Squid Shoal – Wood Cut

Humbold Squid Shoal
Double layer wood cut with Acrylic paint.

NFS – Part of the Pacific-ly Project


Sheephead-Sea Urchin and Kelp Wood Cut

The beautiful Male California Sheephead is depicted amongst the straggly Kelp that the Sea Urchins are heartily devouring.

All life is connected. When one species is off balance it continues a chain of irregularities.
Naturalists have noted – The areas of diminished kelp. The reduction in size of the Big Male Sheephead (which eats sea urchins) and the abundance of Sea Urchins devouring the Kelp. 
Some Sheephead are commercially harvested, but recreational anglers mostly fish it. Practicing catch and release (especially of the Big Males) helps to relieve pressure off the species. 
Sheephead are a unique fish. They live in coastal shore communities…and are Hermaphrodites. They all begin life as a female. As needed, they will turn into males to continue the species. When over fished, smaller females transform into male to make up for the lack of males. Thus – smaller males overall. The big males seem to have the best control of the sea urchins.
This artwork is part of the Pacific-ly Project

The Flow

Acrylic on Birch wood cut out
55″ x 36″
The Flow is simply about how good it feels to go with it.

This wood piece is hung to float several inches off the wall to create the shadow effects.

Double Octopus – Recycled Wood cut

Double Octopus
Door Crown – Appx. 38″ w x 16″ h

This wood cut fits neatly over any doorway – but can be placed anywhere on the wall.
Cut from recycled wood and painted with acrylic paint.


The Sept-O-Pus

The Sept-o-pus
Acrylic paint on wood cut.

Yes – This is an Octopus – but you can’t
see one of his legs.
I  like this title much better than
Little Purple Octopus.
Appx. 24 inches

Sea Collage Wood-Cut

Pen and Ink / Watercolor on Wood cut

An intricate collage of sea life and other little inklings. A very delicate piece.
About 34 inches in lenght.




Double Mermaid Door Crown – Acrylic on wood cut

Double Mermaid Door Crown
Q. Why is it called a “Door Crown”?
A. The Wood cut Artwork is designed to go over that un-used space above a door!
A custom door crown are can be created and designed specifically for you!


Acrylic on wood cut
30″w x 18″h – 2010

Freedom is one of my favorite things. Wonderfully, it can be applied in so many ways.


Peace Lilys

Acrylic on birch wood cut
21″h X 25″w – 2011

As my daughter grows to be a young woman – we have found a delightful harmony in our relationship. All families have a there own “unique way” – 
ours is centered on creativity and humor.

Double Harmony

Two-Piece Oil on birch wood
52” x 48”

Double Fauna

Two- sided pine wood stained piece.
18″H x 10 Ft. W
Site specific commission – Designed to hang in an opening between the hallway and living room. A mirror in the hallway reflects the image again and again. It had a really cool fun house effect.

Waiting – Multi-Level Wood cut

Acrylic on multi-level wood cut
16″w x 12″ h

Waiting for something is like sitting on edge of the tide. Where ocean meets land. It just laps up against the sand. But as we sit and wait we are attentive to small details with in the waiting, because any distraction becomes a reprieve.

Detail shot of Waiting

The Rooster

Acrylic on Birch (anamalia series)
H 36″ x W 31″

Tree Frog Mandala

Acrylic on birch wood (anamalia series)
24″ x 24
Tree Frog Mandala is a commission piece. The client has always related himself to the tree frog. 
The Mandala as the circular meditative shape representing self harmony – brings the frogs together. Plum tones highlight the natural wood.


Acrylic on birch
32”h x 22” w

Inner dialog of the world

Oil and stain on Birch wood cut out. It is hung suspended from ceiling – 2006
This art piece is a direct response to the world’s inability to communicate. We are left with a negative chatter that extends beyond our world seeping into outer space. The energy has to go somewhere…Here in the sculpture – the looping chatter it is seen in relation to the earth. (sold)

Soaring 2-Piece Wood Cut

Two Piece – Acrylic on maple wood
26″w x 50″h
Anamalia series

Soaring is a combination of two animals that become one. The bottom piece is for the most part exactly the same as the top piece, but when turned it became something completely different. On the bottom is the Phoenix – hopeful, ever rising from the ashes to be reborn. The top piece is a springing Dragon – spirited, growling and launching forward breathing fire. The Phoenix and the Dragon together create a perpetual dance and find a grace and harmony in their irregular circle they create together.

The Cornfield

4ft x 3.5ft
Acrylic paint on Birch wood cut out.
This is my first piece in experimenting in with the wood cut pieces. 
You can see the design has not yet reached the edge of the wood as it does in future work.
The cornfield depicts the the corn plants organic bends, folds and shapes, There is an incredible amount of energy in a cornfield – the plants grow so rapidly.
As my dad used to say “Stand still and listen and you can hear the corn grow”.

My Blue Heaven

Acrylic on birch wood cut
24″ x 36″
My mom passed away in Nov. 2008. She was kind-hearted and calm. She had a quiet courage and was quite a remarkable person – not in a flashy-showy way, but in the generous nature of her
daily life.
This artwork depicts her accent to heaven. I believe she is in a place that is peaceful and reunited with my dad and her family whom she loved
so dearly.
Selected by Senator Alan Lowenthal 
for the
Senate’s 9th Annual California Contemporary Art Collection exhibit.
Currently on display 
California State Capital in Sacramento

March 2011 – Sept 2012

Fa Fa Fa

Acrylic on birch wood cut
46″w x 23″ h
Nothing stays the same.  During certain times in our lives we are bound together with situations that are just “Right”.
Fa Fa Fa celebrates friendships, creativity and being involved in something really good and real. But the only thing that is constant in life is Change…so Fa Fa Fa also celebrates the evolution that is change.


Acrylic on wood cut
19″w x 46″h

Giraffe’s are very quiet

Acrylic on knotted pine wood cut
anamalia series
13″w x 48″ h

Back to the groove

Acrylic on wood cut
16″h x 9″ w

Pinkie l

Acrylic on wood cut
16″h x 7″w

Blue Marlin ll

Acrylic on birch wood cut
28” x 29”

The Tornado


Acrylic on wood cut
36” x 48”
Sometimes our emotions fire up like a tornado. It can be joyful freedom, or sudden pain. Whatever the feeling, the universe in our head is very powerful. Where does all that energy go after it leaves us? Do we send them off into the outer space or do they wilt and die like a flower – creating fertilizer? Fortunately for me, I can make sense of some emotions by translating them into art. It is a nice by-product of having passionate feelings.



Acrylic on wood cut
36″w x 24″h


Acrylic on birch wood cut
26″w x 36″h
Anamalia series

Twists and turns of the heart

Acrylic paint on birch wood
12″ x 12″

Across the Universe

Acrylic on wood cut out
5ft.w  x 3.5 ft.
Across the Universe expresses the feeling of being completely free. When we experience it – we should acknowledge it and celebrate it.

The Root

16″ x 8″
Acrylic on wood cut out

The Inferno

Acrylic on Birch wood cut out
49”w x 36”h

Simply about when we are brooding, struggling or angry.

Catching a Spotfin

Acrylic on birch wood cut
34″w x 55″h

Run Rabbit Run

Acrylic on wood cut
40″w x 40″h – 2007