Stress Relief Art Meditation Coloring Books for Adults!

Posted: January 4, 2015

Cover_book2_add_2ndedition_rgbOriginal Art Meditation Coloring Books for Adults!
Introduction : Art Meditations Coloring Book 1, 2 and 3

About the Books:
This series of three meditations books created in 2014 are presented as an “Art Project” rather
 than a finished “product”. That tidbit may not be important to anyone  – but it is first paragraph vital to me.

I created these drawings as part of my own daily meditations, they are spontaneous and reflective of my prominent thoughts or intention for the day. The drawings are set in the order they were created and the imperfections intentionally left in – this I feel is important because it provides a natural progression to the books that can’t be contrived.




Sample of Illustrations Book #1

Sample of Illustrations
Book #1

Through this daily art practice and a short period of consistency can helped me to reclaim my footing by an direct action of accountability and honesty. The small drawings allowed me to ponder and explore thoughts using a quiet physical action. This combination (physical/intellectualize) in quietude seemed to
reveal and embody new clarities.

Coloring – like drawing possesses these same qualities.

Sample illustrations Book #2

Sample illustrations Book #2

I offer these book as something pleasant you may utilize as you see fit.
To color in the lines – to develop new habits
To embellish the drawings with more drawings (there is plenty of room left intentionally
for that sort of artistic freedom)
The small size (8.5″ x 5.5″) is designed to be easily taken anywhere.
Side coils make it easy to fold over for unobstructed surface

Sample Illustrations Book #3

Sample Illustrations
Book #3

I encourage your creativity or simplicity!
My drawings are just a foundation to begin…something.

Thank you for your interest in the books.

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