Sense of Humor

Posted: January 17, 2012

My New Years resolution for 2012 is to not take life so seriously – or perhaps to clarify – is to not take my ART so seriously! My goal is create serious artwork with out losing my own sense of humor and to make artwork whereas its quality is its humor. I know this sounds like a very serious way to talk about not being so serious – but 2012 has just begun.

In recent years, I have experienced my fair share of loss, transition, and change. My work as an artist draws directly from my life so that whatever is going on plays itself out in my artwork. When life shakes our tree, we can either harvest or let the fruit rot on the ground.

During this period, my work adapted to my vicissitudes. I experimented A LOT with different projects, and quite a diverse output of styles and conceptional art.
So there it is…all these things – all these art experiments – all this movement from one piece to another – and then I found myself asking – “Jeez? Where did my sense of humor go? – And … where was I going with all this?

Of course – I have missed some life lessons – I have let some fruit rot on the ground. Fortunately, that is being human – it is impossible to yield all the fruit from any situation and to know which fruit yielded is going to turn out to be good or bad.

At this point I began connecting again to my cubist work and rediscovering my older fun artwork … the I-con-O-rama illustrations of women and the So Effin’ Cute characters and all these little animals and creatures that have no conceptual value except to be cute or funny.

I am currently working with these older character designs and creating new ones as a series of EMBROIDERY PATTERNS for the DIY hand-sewing crowd.

It is funny that a little “Funnicus Bunnicus” embroidered bunny could have put so much perspective back into my life.

The patterns will be in a PDF format and are available through my ETSY store –


The PDF pattern kit includes:

  • A black and white pattern (2 orientations for either tracing or iron-on transfer)
  • A stitch instruction page
  • A recommended stitch and color instruction page
  • A color photo of completed stitched project.

I love stitching the embroidery patterns samples and creating the new characters! I hope others will enjoy sewing them as much as I do.

Up and coming designs – More Sea Creatures and Vintage Circus!