Research, Musing and the Collective Consciousness (Part Two)

Posted: February 19, 2013


On one of our many walks last summer, my writer friend and I began discussing the concept of “the muse“.

Inspiration, for me, is like an energy that ignites a torch on fire and then you run with it. You keep running with it till it just….runs….out…of…steam…
A muse possesses the same sort of inspirational rush. A person’s perspective, a place or an experience can be so interesting to me that it sends me down an indefinite path of prolific creativity.


I am pretty quiet in a crowd. I tend to observe. I enjoy some action, but really have to push myself on out there on the playing field. I am content with my own company, or with my most intimate friends and family. 

 But through art, I discovered that I really did have a lot to say in a crowd.

Art became my voice. I could express myself in a loud, but quiet way. I didn’t have to make small talk with my art. I didn’t have to summarize or use proper grammar or proper pronunciations. I could say whatever I wanted.

If you have ever been involved with an artist of any kind – It is a double edge sword. It can be very flattering to inspire a song, story, or a painting. In contrast, it can be very tough to be on the sulky or angry end of an artist’s hurt feelings.
Being notoriously sensitive, is the very nature of the creative.
Thereby, a feeling, bad or good can wind up becoming something tangible. A memory F-O-R-E-V-E-R wrapped up in drawing or a storytelling or a song. Invoking “the subject” of said art – to experience what I can only describe as a uniquely squirmy feeling, followed by a disgusted sigh and an eye roll.
However, this is the stuff that makes the arts real – the infusion of real life that is not
always pretty or polished.

A case in point is the song “Greensleeves” allegedly written by King Henry the 8th. He wrote the little ditty (that has lasted for centuries) for Anne Boleyn whom he wanted to marry by ditching his current Queen Catherine of Aragon. 
The charming love song rolling around court – Catherine of Aragon must have seethed when she heard it!

It is just a song to everyone else…lest the three people involved. I have to question then – Is it the song or the heartfelt inspiration behind the song? What made it endure? Perhaps there are universal moments in ours lives that we chose to document artistically 
in their depth that are more than art. These artworks somehow resonate the emotion infused within.

My best muse once said to me. ” If we split up, are you going to just paint me out
of your life?”
I thought about that statement- my muse, of course was extremely observant too.
How heartless that sounded.
Of course, nothing is so black and white as that.
Although, I do wish at times it was that 
simple to paint away a feeling (the arts would be as well funded as the pharmaceutical companies).
 However, I feel very fortunate that I have a skill that allows me to process my emotions in a way that is productive and healing.

So – for all the muses who have ever angered an artist and had to roll their eyes as they looked at artwork or listened to a song and saw the private message.
You were ever so worthy to inspire in the first place.

It is a compliment.