Research, Musing and the Collective Consciousness (Part One)

Posted: September 19, 2012

Research, Musing and the Collective Consciousness
Part ONE

How do artists get their ideas, inspiration and ability?

Speaking for myself – I view the ability to make art like any other skill. Granted, that may not be a dreamy way to look at it, but I believe people are born with aptitudes.
As a result an artist has built-in natural pool of abilities to draw from that makes them well suited in problem solving in creativity.
(And believe me – making art entails LOTS of problem solving. If it doesn’t – it’s a clear indication you’re re-creating the same art over and over again and not pushing yourself)

As a kid, we didn’t have tons of toys – and my sister and I made lots of things to amuse ourselves – so I created stuff all through childhood.
Creating things just made sense to me – plus the gratification that I continued to improve – so naturally, I stuck with it (human nature). Because the next step for all skills is practice – thru school or individually – but its just practice, practice and more practice.

Research is key to my creative process. Research comes in many forms –
reading, writing, futzing around with different materials, walking, talking thinking, and sometimes “dreaming” a creative solution or idea. Some days it feels I don’t have an imagination – an empty desert. But by using research in one or two or three of these forms eventually lights that fire back in the brain to connect and idea to a completed piece of artwork.

By nature – I am not a very spontaneous. But when opportunity permits – I will fly by the seat of my pants for “LIVE ART” performances. I still maintain for me – this is due to my prior countless hours of alone painting time.
You know what else – Live painting is fun! – Exhausting…yet really fun – even for an introvert like myself – Fun is a motivator!

I haven’t created a Live Art piece in a nearly a year – and tonight off I go – to paint for the “Talk Like a Pirate Day Party”. I suspect that I will have a really good time – but as with any push outside our comfort zone – I do feel the “anticipation” in my stomach.

AHOY – Ye nervous belly – Ahrgg – you will walk the plank! And Paint like a Pirate!
*As a notation to this post – Here is the LIVE Painting that I produced from the talk like a pirate event. And yes, It was fun.