New Format for my Blog – Hurray!

Posted: July 2, 2012

Artist_blog_paintbrushesBlogs are hard – especially if you are not a writer.

Recently, I was discussing blogging with my writer friend. We discussed the parameters of content.  We concluded that consistency is a major factor in a successful blog.
I committed myself to actually writing a blog earlier this year, because I finally updated my website to contain neat-o things like a blog incorporated right into it.
Yay! I thought.
Now, several months later my blogs are stiff, willy-nilly and few.

As a result of this, I thought  – the blog should suit me – not the other way around.
I decided to change my blog format. To create a type of “journal meets picture book” style. I now feel suddenly free to document the experiments and mistakes that are part of my process of making art. Projects succeed and fail and some never get past the sketch stage.
So be it.

Here it is:  You have to start somewhere
Today – July 2nd 2012
Margie_Darrow_artist_blog_sketchesMy Studio today is riddled with sketches and ideas.

On this wall is varies stages of pieces that will become wood cut art pieces. Several of these will become “Headboards”. The headboard is art created specifically for over the bed. These work great for beds that have minimal or no headboard in the frame.




Artist_blog_shoal_of_squidI am working on a proposed art exhibition called “Pacific-ly – Odyssey into the Sea”.
This is one of the pieces in process. It is 2-piece set of a shoal of squid.  I have many pieces still to design and make.







Textural experiment
I can’t remember what I originally made this for experiment for – But now, I have thoughts of how I can incorporate this into the Pacific-ly exhibit.







Color – lately I have been so INTO Bismuth Yellow and Carbazole Dioxazine Violet. I discovered this combination when I was researching pigments that hold up best outside in ultra violet rays. I have always been a big fan of yellow’s – but lately this combo has been cropping up more and more in my palette.