Posted: April 28, 2012

I was randomly reading a Bio of an artist who makes these cool tables and furniture. (I Unfortunately forget his name now) He was quite the craftsman and artisan. His bio mentioned that when he was deciding where to go to college. He found that there was a great woodworking program at Cerritos College.

A couple of years ago, I had done some slight investigation on taking some wood working classes, and did see that they offered conveniently a whole program. Although, I currently have the skills I need to create the kind of wood art I produce.
I thought what could I create if I knew more?

What if I had a better understanding of wood engineering skills and more about wood altogether and to use more tools? What then?
Ha-ha, as I write this I am getting excited about what I could learn!
They do offer a summer course. Which does not start until June.
So I have a little time to ponder.

As always my problem is making the commitment.
Putting it down on paper.
However, as I think it through – maybe it is not the making the commitment itself – It is how seriously I take a commitment once I make it.

Additionally, as a self employed and free-lance artist – it is a time factor. You do not know when work comes in unpredictably – the feast and famine factor. There are always irons in the fire for long-term and short-term projects and proposals.

So…Do I have room for this?
Well yes I do, if I make room. If I use my time, just a little more effectively. I am better at being busy, than when there is lag time.
My mantra could be “On to the Next thing”.

A funny thing is that when I was younger I never liked school. I was so happy to graduate High school, and it took me so long to go back to school to get an even an AA degree (now in a field that I am not working in).

Nevertheless, if I may quote my other half Paul “Your education was how to learn”. Education found me as a late bloomer, when I was ready to learn that way.

In writing this, I can take the time to consider my own pro’s and con’s list in my head for going back to school.
It is definitely looking like pro’s outweigh the most of the con’s.

So when do you stop learning? I cannot seem to ever gather enough information in life or in skills that I find useful. I think learning needs to run in a continuous cycle. Live – Learn – Apply – Relax.

Perhaps, it is not in the naming of this cycle – but applying a balance to it that would be the best learned skill.