Perpetual Painting Project – 2009 thru Infinity!

Detail of Log Book

Perpetual Painting Statement:

Read this or you will not get it!

The Perpetual Painting began in 2009 with a singular abstract painting of home and it’s surrounding. A dream place I was seeking at the time. The painting was completed, entitled “Finding home”; it was signed and hung up on the wall.

As in life, ones dreams and imagination seldom exhibit the fantasy and I was unsatisfied with the original vision in the painting.
It was at this point, I realized I could continue to adapt the original canvas INDEFINITELY – As in our imagination, dreams are always changing, never seen in the mind the same way. The painting could document endlessly, a version of a visual journey that bridges the present, past and future in one context.

The painting is photo documented periodically as the original painting will become indistinguishable in time.

Passing on the painting:
To embody a spirit through the act of painting that connects future generation with past heritage in an active engagement. Therefore, I will hand the painting down to my daughter to perpetuate the future process with her own adaptations, interpretations and vision.

The painting is hung with a wall pedestal where an accompanying mixed media logbook is displayed. The logbook is adapted from the idea of Sea Captains vessel journeys. The book will contain the progression photos and log updates that document the life of the painting.




Please check back – as the painting will continue to evolve!