Free Tree Installation

16 feet x 5 1/2 feet
Mixed media – Acrylic, Wood, Origami  2011

– The Free tree was a long process in the making. Starting out as an experimental piece – It went through many twists and turns and restructuring – before it finally became rootless, floated off the ground and became really free. (I guess that was the whole point of the piece all along).
The concept of the piece was about forming a foundation 
Over the last several years I have had many changes in my family and – long story short.. 
I have become a matriarch. This is a universal transition for women. The experience has pushed me, and I had to grow into that.
While creating the Free Tree certain truths have become clear – being free is not just something I believe – it is part of who I am. I also discovered that I do have a substantial foundation – but it sort of floats around. I have roots that are not rooted.
For example:
In the open ocean exists a mass called a kelp patty. This mass is comprised of kelp and other elements that merge together to form floating isles. Underneath a kelp patty – life is teaming! – An eco-system of small fish and other marine life that can survive this way in the open ocean.
The Free tree resembles a kelp patty in its appearance and in spirit.
*available for on-site installment full or partial or re-recreation