Photo: Mick Victor

Hello – Welcome to my website!
Margie Darrow – Long Beach, CA

My name is Margie Darrow. I am a visual artist, a long time resident of Long Beach Ca. and an active community member.

Nature, history and counter culture inspire my artwork. These rich topics form a very deep pool for subject matter. I make art in a succession of bursts of intellectual or creative enthusiasm for a specific subject or medium. The common thread in my work remains its inspiration and the underlying desire to tell a factual story of the earth’s inhabitants and their transitory etching upon it.

My primary medium is acrylic paint utilized in an abstract style of cubism. I use this form of painting on traditional canvases and on my wood cut artwork. The style of artwork is distinguishable by its use of geometric shapes, design lines and many layers of transparent colors to express mood, light and movement.

Currently, my studio is by appointment only. If you are interested in visiting please contact me via this website, my email margiedarrow@gmail.com or through my facebook page or Instagram.

I am available for private and commercial commission.
Please contact me directly – happy to discuss a project with you!

Margie Darrow